Flat Panel Solar Geyser Conversion

Solar geyser conversion

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Price: R14,800.00

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Why convert to a solar geyser flat panel?

Converting to a solar geyser flat panel is a very affordable solution for going solar. We offer 150 Liter and 200 Liter solar geyser flat panel conversions. By converting to a solar geyser flat panel, you keep your exisitng electrical geyser which will be used as a hot water collector. The solar flat panel collector heats the cold water by generating solar energy to heat. The heated water is ttransferred to the storage tank which is your electrical geyser. Fresh cold water is then again heated by the solar flat panel collector. And the process continues. To reduce your electrical expenes on hot water, a solar geyser flat panel conversion is an excellent solution for you.

Price includes:

  • The existing geyser is used as the storage tank. Water is circulated through two flat panel collectors during the day.

  • The GeyserWise Max Control System manages the circulation. Which measures the difference in temperature between the geyser and collector and only circulate when the collector is 7 degrees hotter.

  • The GeyserWise Max also manages the element. Making sure it is only used when absolutely necessary.

  • The pump is a 12V DC pump. It is powered from a battery which is charged by a Solar Panel to ensure the working of the system independent of Eskom.

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